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The future of Slack [slash-hyphen newsletter]

July 14 · Issue #1 · View online
Lots of interesting happenings in the world of Slack & slash-hyphen this month. In this issue of the newsletter, we go deep into Slack buttons and share some of the blog posts, speeches and bots we’ve been creating at slash-hyphen.
Read on for the Slack news you can’t afford to miss.
P.S. Sorry we’ve been a bit radio silent… We were swamped with client engagements last month and missed an issue or two of the newsletter.
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The future of Slack integrations
Slack’s platform helps turn it into the operating system for an office. Slack connects to all of a team’s disparate applications and unifies them in one interface. 
Until recently, the only way to add interactivity to a Slack integration was to interpret text messages from users. Two weeks ago, Slack changed the game by allowing integration builders to include buttons. Now, developers can start to build rich interfaces that live inside of Slack.
This update foreshadows where our work is moving. We predict that, over the next few years, Slack’s platform will become richer and richer, allowing for deep interactions right inside of Slack.
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News from slash-hyphen
We’ve been plenty busy this month. We shared some important tips on our blog, spoke on the future of bots and built some powerful integrations for our clients.
Blogged: A remedy for the most common Slack headache
Presentation: 22 Bot Rules
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